"I have conducted over 600 ISO audits in the past 7 years. I find that the Global Electronics Quality Management System is among the top 5 among all of the companies that I have audited. Their Quality Management System is mature and effective as evidenced through the commitment of the management team,the understanding, ownership and implementation of their quality policy and procedures by all employees, and the quality products they produce."

--ISO Auditor
"With over twenty five years of experience in the engineering world, I have seen cable manufacturers come and go. Cable manufacturers who have weathered the test of time understood that an engineer is looking for three things when they have to decide who will be building a product they have designed: cost effectiveness, quality manufacturing, and customer service. Global Electronics has built a business and a reputation on these three things. Global Electronics is always my first choice to build the products I design."

-- Telecom Engineer
"Global Electronics has provided a quality harness for the installation of specialized equipment in our vehicles. If any alterations were needed they quickly adapted the design change to our harness. They were very helpful in design aspects in the first years when we were not sure of exactly what we needed. Their personnel are all very helpful, professional, and courteous."

-- Lead Fleet Tech