Trunk, Fan-Out, and Fiber Harness Assemblies
Laser optimized multimode to single mode fiber types. Bend insensitive and standard fiber, to support the most demanding installations. All 50/125, 62.5/125, and 9/125 wavelengths are tested for optimum optical performance. Simplex, duplex and high fiber count designs are engineered for durability. Customized labeling provides for ease of installation in the most demanding designs.

Factory Terminated Fiber Connections
Optical integrity is achieved with a strict focus on end-face geometry. Measurements to validate apex offset, radius of curvature, and fiber height ensure that optimum data speeds are achieved. Simplex, duplex, and multi-fiber connector reporting is available to provide objective evidence of results.

Fiber Assembly Design
Data center and central office installation experts. Tray, rack, and enclosure designs often times requires tight tolerances for length and bend requirements. Engineering assistance is focused on both design for installation and design for manufacturability. Fan-out furcations are designed for the difficulty often experienced with fiber pulling and installation.

Installation Support Services
Off-the-shelf shipment of standard length assemblies. Quick turn around on build to order lengths. Kitting and staging for large install and turn-up activities. Customized packaging and reel design for ease of deployment. Encapsulated pulling eyes to maximize a safe and effective routing experience. Test equipment reference assemblies available for immediate shipping.